I Surrender All

Day 1 of Praying with Jesus
WOW! As I read Mark 1, I am moved how soon those who heard of Jesus and what He was doing, ran to Him as fast as they could. I am also humbled to serve the One who has ALL AUTHORITY!

Our community needs us to be “a healthy, vibrant, growing church; the lost people around you need a compassionate, Spirit-led, Great Commission church; and your fellow church members need the warmth, love, hope and nurture of a faithfully Christ-centered, sacrificial fellowship.”

It’s not about us…It is ALL about HIM! What are we willing to do to reach ONE PERSON for Christ??? We must make changes and it starts with us submitting to His will and not our own.

The only constant is The Word of God…the message of Grace, Repentance, and Faith in Him never change…but we must seek change on how we present this life changing message to a world who needs Him.

Lord, I ask You to move me and my selfishness out of the way so that YOUR will may be done in me and our church. In Jesus name…AMEN.

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